Performance Care

Performance CareART® Performance Care is a unique approach to helping you perform at your best while training and competing. Efficient movement is the key to optimum performance. When your muscles are moving fully and freely, your performance will be enhanced.

For example, the extreme demands of Ironman training and competition can damage muscle. When muscle is overused, it tends to shorten. This is a result of fibrous scar tissue, or adhesions, that build up within muscles and between muscle fibers. Normal muscle acts like a bundle of rubber bands - able to shorten and lengthen freely. When a muscle is overused, scar tissue adhesions build up.

There are four basic processes that cause scar-tissue adhesions:

  1. Injuries (like tearing from a muscle pull)
  2. Micro trauma (the accumulation of small injuries over time)
  3. Hypoxia (when a muscle doesn't get enough oxygen, adhesions build up)
  4. Excessive friction (during movement, muscles must slide against other structures, muscles, nerve, etc.)

Over time, the build-up of scar tissue adhesions will cause noticeable symptoms like pain and weakness. However, long before symptoms are felt, athletic performance is influenced - this is especially true for distance athletes.

ART® is a state-of-the-art soft tissue treatment system designed to identify and treat scar tissue adhesions. While it is the treatment of choice for injuries to muscles, tendons, nerves, etc, ART® Performance Care is unique in the healthcare industry because it allows an athlete to have his or her performance evaluated, biomechanically, and corrected through treatment. For example, a trained and certified ART® biomechanics provider will observe a runner and determine which muscles are hindering the performance. By combining this evaluation with patented ART® treatment protocols, ART® providers can treat scar tissue adhesions and help an athlete perform at his or her best.